Edmond Memorial Wrestling

Welcome to the Edmond Memorial Wrestling Store! 

For those that missed the first store:

This year, all wrestlers are expected to purchase 3 MANDATORY items. 2 tops (1 maroon of the below, 1 grey Holloway Coolcore LS Tee) and 1 pair of black Holloway Momentum shorts.

Please purchase 1 of the below to meet MANDATORY criteria for your maroon top:

  • Maroon Gildan Long Sleeve Tee
  • Maroon Gildan Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Maroon Gildan Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Maroon Nike Therma-FIT Hoodie

These items will specify that they meet the criteria for the Maroon Team Top in their product descriptions and have the same "Edmond Wrestling" logo as the iron grey tee below.

This online store is a PRE-ORDER. We have over 40 items, be sure to browse them all!

All orders will be placed together at the close of the sale.

Once printed, all completed orders will be delivered via pick-up in store, at practice, or shipped to your shipping address (please make sure shipping address is accurate. If in the event you are moving, please send us your new address as our options are limited once we ship). 

Please expect approx. 4 weeks for completion after the close of the store. Store will close on Sunday, November 26th at 11:59pm.

Go Dogs!

NOTE: some items may not have sufficient stock by the time the store closes. If your order is affected, we will replace the item with like or equivalent options and may contact you if clarification is needed.