Edmond Memorial Wrestling

Welcome to the Edmond Memorial Wrestling Store! 

There are 4 MANDATORY ITEMS to be purchased by all wrestlers this year. The grey and maroon tri-blend tees are mandatory and are available in youth and adult sizes as well as a ladies' fit. Coach Shaw is also requiring all wrestlers to purchase 1 pair of maroon shorts and 1 pair of grey shorts.

This online store is a PRE-ORDER.

All orders will be placed together at the close of the sale. Once received and printed, all completed orders will be delivered to the Memorial Wrestling Coaches and/or staff.

Please expect approx. 4 weeks for completion after the close of the store. Store will close on Thursday, December 1st at 11:59pm.

NOTE: some items may not have sufficient stock by the time the store closes. If your order is affected, we will replace the item with like or equivalent options and may contact you if clarification is needed.